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Algae-Free. Guaranteed. 


Pool & Spa Water Management Plan

  • All chemicals/treatments included.

  • Twice-Yearly pool filter sanitizing

  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly testing/treatment for:

    • Total/Free Available Chlorine (TAC/FAC)

    • Potenz Hydrogen (pH)

    • Total Alkalinity (TA)

    • Cyanuric Acid (CYA)

    • Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)

    • Copper and Iron

    • Phosphates

    • Calcium Hardness

    • Sodium Chloride (for salt pools)

    • Viruses, Bacteria, & Protozoans

  • Water balanced to exceed CDC guidelines

  • Email-Alerts when chemical treatments added & notifications when it's safe to swim.

  • Login to poolio.com to view your record of weekly/monthly pool water test results and treatments.

Ask your current pool cleaner if they can provide all of this. If they can't (and they won't)... 



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Brush, Vacuum & Remove Leaves

We meticulously brush, vacuum and remove all leaves & debris. 

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Equipment Repair/Maintenance

Pool filter, pump, motors, heater, valves and plumbing repaired and maintained. 

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Water Chemistry Balance

Water quality maintained to meet/or exceed CDC health & safety guidelines.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Cleaner Tile & Grout

We maintain your pool water hardness to prevent lime and calcium deposits.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Virus, Bacteria & Algae-Free

Monitor contagious illness causing virus, bacteria & algae to meet CDC standards.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Cleaner, Healthier Pool Water

Every pool and spa we service comes with our Algae-Free Guarantee. 

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Poolio provides Pool Cleaning, Filter Sanitizing and Repair Service in Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Irvine, Tustin, Orange. Call Poolio today to manage your pool and spa...professionally. Orange County's Premier Pool Management Company...Exceeding Expectations.


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